WHO WE ARE: “We share” is a University student’s Humanitarian organization since 2009 that originated from the initiative of some of the GENERATION RWANDA students. The students who are from the Orphans and vulnerability background, and are now at different top Universities across the country, through GENERATION RWANDA competitive scholarship.

WHAT DO WE DO? “Heading a new Rwandan Generation in preparation for the brighter future” is our vision.

As GENERATION RWANDA scholars who have been privileged to gain different and vital skills along side school fees, which is not the case to other vulnerable students, outside GENERATION RWANDA community. Therefore, we found that we can share the skills that we have to the secondary school vulnerable and orphans students, in a brother and sisterhood way; such as mentorship program, computer trainings, language skills, CV and cover letter writing and passing the interviews, public speaking, self expression and so on.

HOW DO WE DO THAT: Potentially we share is a University student’s Humanitarian Organization, which combines volunteer students who are specializing in different domain in Rwandan Universities, which enables them to potentially empower these secondary school students, so that they can at least get a basic skills to start building their future life style just after their school life, as some of them might not get access to the University Education.

To make it happen, we find these targeted groups in orphanages, gathering centres and their respective schools.