About we share


“We share” is a student community service organization that originated from a group of Orphans of Rwanda (ORI) scholarship recipients, who, inspired by Greg Mortenson’s book Three Cups of Tea, wished for a way in which they could not only be part of a community, but create community.

 Our vision: To equip a new Rwandan generation for a brighter future.

Mission: Initially, we are seeking to support orphans and vulnerable young people in secondary schools on a weekly, fortnightly basis, with more assistance during the holiday periods when many of these students have to remain at school because they have nowhere else to go. Our long term goal is eventually to reach out to students in the Primary sector as well.

Whether it be support in the areas of professional development -- sharing ICT skills, language skills, career development skills or personal growth, mentoring students who are struggling with self-esteem issues -- we want to share ourselves, and all that we have. We want to help because we have been helped.

Objectives: Our objectives come under five main headings:

Advocacy - we shall do it whenever the rights (rights to education, health, belief etc) of this targeted group are violated.

Moral support - this will be done through mentorship, counseling, and guidance. This will be to ensure that the students are emotionally supported.

Financial support - this will be done through fundraising ventures to support their material needs.

Sharing skills  - to share (through the use of workshops and one-on-one trainings) essential skills like leadership, CV and cover letter writing, computer and language trainings, and confidence boosting skills.

Use of talents - to encourage the students to discover, practice, and enjoy using their creative talents such as dancing, singing, painting, and writing.